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ok, any smithies who have used health services for their annual gyn exam will know what i'm talking about -- what the fuck is up with their medical/social history sheet? like, i'm already going to be violated by a speculum, do i really need to be emotionally violated by the complete disregard for personal privacy that the history sheet presents? i mean, yeah, i see the need for asking questions on your personal health history and family history, but some of those questions are blatantly out of line. why does this sheet need to know if you've had anal sex? like, hopefully if you're a mature person and are experiencing health problems as a result of any sexual activity, you'd be enough of an adult to present them to your health care provider. why does this sheet seek to know whether i've been a victim of childhood sexual abuse or incest? yeah, possibly it would be helpful for a health provider to know about that and thusly be more sensitive to your needs, but that also just reinforces the stigma that surviors are not able to have normal and healthy sex lives and must receive 'special treatment'. why does the history sheet need to know if my parents are alive and what the cause of their deaths were? yes, again, helpful for health history -- but answering that question on a bright yellow piece of PAPER THAT WILL REMAIN IN MY FILE FOREVER does a lot more damage to me, personally than the potential damage of witholding that information. why does the health history sheet need to know how many sexual partners i've had? why does the health history sheet need to know if i engage in oral sex with women? why does the health history sheet need to know if i'm HAPPY AT SMITH? such questions reinforce this stupid guilt that DOESN'T NEED TO EXIST. if i've had 15 sexual partners, i'm basically forced into lying because who wants their doctor/nurse to know they've had sex with 15 people -- automatic stigma. automatic guilt. automatic discomfort. i'm sorry if i don't want chris, carol or leslie himself or any of the folks up on the big brick building on the hill to know how many men have penetrated my asshole with their penis. if someone wants to get an HIV test then they'll do that on their own accord, they don't need to be guilted or pressured into doing it because of their health care professional's interpretation of their 'precarious' sexual behavior. and just for the record, none of the above actually refers to me personally, but i'm taking one for the team here -- no one should have to feel uncomfortable, or guilty, or have to lie on a health history sheet just because the nature of the language of the document makes you feel like a whore. or a basketcase. or like someone other than the 0-3 ideal they push for so hard here.
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