justine (dispersion) wrote,

this afternoon when i napped, i think i was being raped by gary niswonger. how fucked up is that. not like, hardcore assault ambush style rape, but a slower more seductive type of a rape. a rape that ended in me coalescing. ew, so fucked up that i just remembered that now. i don't know what triggered the thought of that man.

went to h&m and bought some stuff that i didn't really need. but i did end up getting this pink polka dotted bra that gives me awesome cleave. i think i need a [real] job just so that i can go shopping more often. f paying rent, f buying groceries. i do like the bra, though. i should have bought the matching underwear.

oh, and my stepfather emailed me & called my cell today to tell me that we're flying first class to portland. (wtf?) i wonder if i'll get carded in first class. so that should be interesting. the whole lighter-buying situation made me really evaluate everything about my appearance! oh, and the best part about that scenario was that when i gave her my id it literally took her about 15-20 seconds to do the math. like, hello! 1984 - 2004, that's like, twenty years! easy easy math, lady. come on. & in other developments, julia, tonight, a) taught me how to parallel park, and b) fixed my windshield wiper. i'm excited for portland, i love that city.
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