justine (dispersion) wrote,

last night i
dj'd a freeform radio show with shirley
drank boxed white wine out of blue plastic cups
got carded at a truck stop for buying a lighter
wtf! a lighter!
shirley had me convinced that i looked 16
waiter in the diner said 25
(don't particularly agree with that statement, but 16?)
you look like a hot teenager!
i should be proud?

art school rejects is the name of my soon-to-be defunct weekly freeform radio show. too bad that i waited till there was a week left in the semester to give my show a name. oh well, it was fun. our station is new and pathetic. its so white and sterile. davis way way cooler, with the circa 1971 equipment too.

im not sure if i want to go brunette. my hair just kind of sucks now. time for another $700 dye job. also, in no way shape or form am i responsible for the gay sign thats hanging above me in that picture.
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